Cheap and easy gifts for multiples of kids

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Kathreen multiple presents

Every Christmas I love to prepare a small gift for my friends’ and cousins’ children. There is about 20 children involved in this plan so needless to say the gifts must be cheap and easy (hence the title of this post). In the past I have made library bags, small soft pillows with a simple applique pattern, singlets or t-shirts with applique, in the years I didn’t have time to make something I found educational items to be good value, like drawing books with crayons or silver pencils (black note books with silver pencils are excellent or also fat multicoloured pencils are fun too). This year if I had the time I would make little aprons with a wooden spoon in the pocket, but instead I have organised some wooden puzzles and craft kits that I found in bulk on ebay.

Here are some more suggestions (do you have any ideas?) for cheap but good gifts for lots of kids at once.

1. Make something that you know you can make lots of quickly and that will still be good quality (like aprons, bags or cushions), you might be quick at knitting kids beanies or beading bracelets or keyrings.
2. Bargain bulk buys on ebay or your local discount store, such as jigsaw puzzles, educational games, colouring in books, craft kits etc.
3. Make up collage crafting kits of your own – get 20 or so ziplock bags and fill it with collage materials, fancy papers, paddlepop sticks and pipe cleaners, box of crayons or pencils, glue stick and child scissors and small notebook.
4. Learn a craft kit: is your thing knitting or crochet: then get an easy pattern and instructions copy it 20 times, purchase 20 cheap knitting needles or crochet hooks and buy some colourful yarn enough to make the pattern. You can do the same thing if your craft is beading, sewing or printmaking.
5. If you are good at drawing why not draw some simple pictures suitable for colouring in and photocopy or print a few copies and bind together with simple ring binding at your local printer. You might want to include blank pages and activity pages like dot-to-dots and complete-the-picture (eg. my kids love to fill in expressions on blank faces).

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  1. Lorraine

    I love these ideas because they give me options other than the latest Elmo or Dora the Explorer… thanks!

  2. Kayt

    What about the ingredients for playdough together with the recipe and a cutter.

    Or perhaps the ingredients for christmas cookies and a wooden spoon – I have given this in a glass jar – looks great in layers with the recipe written out on a label.

  3. Amy

    Thanks for these ideas! I’ve been struggling trying to think of something for my students–I love the coloring book idea.

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