Dress-up paper doll and ornament

Sarah from The Small Object Sent us this paper doll and ornament idea

Guest Post

Sarah Paper doll 01

Around our house, we have fabric scraps, paper bits and ribbon remnants lying about on tables and in bins which are far too enticing for little hands. And given the number of requests for drawing a princess, Nanny McPhee, Harry Potter and Mommy, I needed a paper doll. It’s perfect since you can make it into anything by adding ponytails,crown, bows, buttons,glasses and then color or collage on some bits.

Sarah Paper doll 02

Lately, the big thing has been taping down a piece of fabric to give them blankets, cause they get cold, you know.

Sarah Paper doll 03

As gifts, we also xerox a big stack of them and staple or bind them together to make a doll coloring book and then include an original drawing and a little bag of scraps.

download now

Not to stop the fun, we love it so much I shrunk it down and made them into doll ornaments for the tree.

Sarah Ornament 03

Sarah Ornament 01

Sarah Ornament 02

Sarah Ornament 04

We’re set! Download and get your glue handy.

download now

(Share, give + download to your hearts desire! Just please don’t go selling them or some other equally insane commercial idea. Thanks!)

15 Responses to “Dress-up paper doll and ornament”

  1. Stuff to Make « CFC Livingroom

    […] Another amazing site from Down Under. Kiddley, run by one of my all time favorite bloggers, Claire of LoobyLu . This site has tons of ideas for you and your kids. I love the dress up a doll and paper ornament, it comes with cool pictures and best of all – you can download a doll if you don’t feel like you can draw one! This site is definitely worth browsing, especially on inside day.   […]

  2. bellablue

    We just complete a whole series of these (the girls and I) an I am ompletely in LOVE!!!! Keep posting the paper dolls!!!!! We can’t get enough!

  3. Sarah

    Thankyou so much for this idea! I downloaded one of these dolls this monring, and the kids and I went down to Daddy’s work and printed out a whole bunch and bound them into two books. The kids then spent the next two hours at home colouring and glueing and cutting – and they are 2 and 5! Now I want to make a book for all the little kids in my family!

  4. betsy

    We just had the most wonderful afternoon with these dolls! My daughters made clothes and accessories out of a pile of origami paper — adorable! Many thanks.

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    […] More boxes came in the mail today.  These were from an online retailer, delivering the last of some Christmas presents – just on time, I might add.  Super-saver does not save any nervousness.  SE was excited again by the boxes: “WHAT is in THEM?!”  But he lost interest after I told him we would go upstairs and print out more little boys, like he asked.  We had lots of fun coloring them yesterday (a whole 10!), so today I printed out 15.  Daddy even made one after I went to work.  I’ll have to take pictures.      […]

  6. Maryellen

    You are the bomb! I just can’t get enough of the Small Object and your wonderful style. Thanks, Kiddley, for publishing this!

  7. L

    This is SUCH an adorable idea and a super fun way to entertain the kiddos in a guilt free way so that I can get something done:)

  8. Daniela

    Oh my goodness! I ran into these on the web whilst looking for origami designs and I LOVE THEM! I’m 23 years old and I’ve been hankering for some way to expel some creativity and these adorable little dolls have allowed me to do just that! My coworkers and I have a ball dressing them up like each other and today I even made my boyfriend. He’s probably gonna think its silly when I give it to him but it was so much fun! I plan on saving the print out of the dolls for as long as possible, maybe someday, when I have some I can share them with my children!

  9. KSaxton

    I work at a treatment facility and use theater as therapy for 8-17 year olds. Recently I had the older kids working on an interactive journal and had nothing to do for the lower functioning and younger kids. I found this paper doll and with a few alterations created an emotion paper doll for the clients to complete. Thanks for your help!

  10. crowjoy

    Just whipped up a few packages of these for my girls’ friends and I had SO MUCH FUN making the samples for their kits. I kinda hope the kids don’t want to play with them so I can! 😀 Great idea!!

  11. Deb

    I love this idea! Thanks so much, I now know how I’m going to entertain my kids tomorrow morning. 🙂

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