Paper Santa Lucia crowns and hats

Stephanie from Little Birds Handmade kindly sent us this seasonal craft 

Guest Post

Stephanie Santa Lucia 03

December 13th is Santa Lucia Day! You can read more about how Santa Lucia is celebrated in Scandinavia here. We decided to create our own versions of the candle crown traditionally worn by the eldest daughter as well as a star hat like those worn by boys in Santa Lucia processions.

You will need:
White card stock or heavy paper for crown and candles.
Green craft paper cut into leaf shapes (depending on the age of the child, you may want to cut out the leaf shapes ahead of time).
Red craft paper cut or punched into small circles for berries.
Orange/yellow craft paper cut into flame shapes.

Stephanie Santa Lucia 01

Santa Lucia Crown

1. Cut a two inch wide strip of paper long enough to wrap around the child’s head. Have child glue leaf shapes to cover the crown and decorate with red berries.

Stephanie Santa Lucia 02

2. Add glitter to flame shapes. Cut strips of white card stock as candles (we made six candles for our crown). Glue flame to candle and candles to crown.

3. Fit crown around head and fasten at back with glue or staples.

4. Play Santa Lucia!

Boy’s Lucia Procession Hat

1. Create a tall cone hat from white card stock. Glue or staple closed.

2. Cut star shaped from card stock and decorate with silver or gold glitter.

Stephanie Santa Lucia 04

3. Glue stars to hat.

4. Ta-da!

Stephanie Santa Lucia 05

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Happy Santa Lucia Day!

14 Responses to “Paper Santa Lucia crowns and hats”

  1. kirsten

    fun – we actually made one (not so cute) a few years ago, and this year i promised to buy her a ‘real’ one. we are involved with our local swedish heritage society – so we will be hearing all the songs ALL day tomorrow, i’m sure!

  2. MCMilker

    Thanks for the idea for boys. I’ve always loved this holiday, but with a boy-child was unsure how to celebrate it. I’ll probably try this, “crunchy style” by sewing felt onto a party hat – nice stitches around the edges will make it last a bit longer and sew felt stars and sparkles on it.

    great idea – thanks

  3. Marie hollies

    That is a wonderful and creative way to make a caustum for St. Lucia day!!

  4. Nancy Barnes

    This is the first website that had exactly what I was looking for….a paper crown for the girls and a star hat for the boys. I work with babies, age 1 month to 1 year, so it will be a teacher-aided craft activity. I will also share it with the other classes in my daycare.

  5. Amber

    This is great. I am a teacher and we are doing “Holiday’s around the World” as our theme this winter. Each room will be decorated as a different country/region and have an activity to go along with that country/region. I think this would be perfect!

  6. Jeane

    My Girl Scout troop made these crowns as we investigated different December celebrations that involve lights. They loved this activity and were so beautiful!

  7. Lorie

    Does anyone know where to buy a “real” St. Lucia crown with battery-operated candles?

  8. Luccia

    These look wonderful. Thank you for sharing – we are doing our first ever K-2 December Holidays Around the World and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

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