Make a pom-pom garland

Heidi From My Paper Crane sent us this tutorial for how to make a pom-pom garland

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Heidi Pompom 01

A very simple and fun project for the little ones is making a pom-pom garland. All you need is a big pack of pom-poms, a needle, and some heavy thread or fishing line.

Parents will need to thread the needle (for smaller kids you may want to knot both ends together rather then leaving a tail) The tail part sometimes will confuse smaller children and the thread will keep slipping back through the needle.

Heidi Pompom 02

Cut your thread (doubled if you tying the ends together) as long as you’d like your garland to be. Poke the needle through the center of a pom and then slide the pom all the way to the knotted end. If your child has trouble with the needle, you can always poke the pom and then let your child slide the pom-pom down.

Heidi Pompom 03

Finish off the end of the garland with a nice big knot to keep the poms from slipping off. You can use the garland for a Christmas tree, or just a pretty decoration for whenever!

13 Responses to “Make a pom-pom garland”

  1. Snowbear

    I love this idea! and something to do with all the store-bought pompoms that I have and no longer use much.

  2. Suey

    it’s beautiful
    but any suggestions for where to buy the pom-poms?

  3. N.

    I want to know where to get those fabulous pom-poms – all the pom-poms I’ve found in my area craft stores and sections don’t have any pom-poms in those great colours! Help!

  4. susie

    I found the pompoms at the Dollar Tree (an everything’s a $1 store) here in Georgia. Maybe you could find them somewhere like that? My kids are excited about making these.

  5. Linda

    I’d also love to have a source for these. Our local craft store sells them for a couple of dollars for a tiny package, so to get enough to decorate a christmas tree adds up to a very expensive garland.

  6. Elizabeth

    Thanks for a great, great project. As I just posted in the comments over at the Craft magazine blog, we made one at our house as part of our holiday decoration-making this year. With a young helper sewing, and to avoid tangled threads, we made shorter garland lengths (3 feet of doubled thread at a time) and hitched them together as we went along by running each new knotted thread through the last few pompoms of the previous section.

  7. sally Mc Guire

    I love this idea I am a College Tutor and I teach students with learning difficculties. I shall be using this idea in my next creativity lessons

  8. Dlyn

    This is cool. My daughter loves pom-poms and now we have a project to use them for. I found this was listed over at

  9. Leona McPhail

    This is soooo cute! Just what we needed to brighten our tree this year. My kids just love all the different colors!

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