Presents for kids to make for their friends.

Kathreen from Whip Up gets us thinking about gifts kids can make

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Every year (well for the past 2 years anyway, since my daughter started school), she has wanted to give her friends a gift at Christmas. It is a lovely idea of course, but can be a nightmare to negotiate and plan and organise. Who will get the gifts? How many to give out? Everyone in the class or just the few special friends, and what do you get them? How much do you spend? Can you give lollies to kids these days?

Well whatever your child decides there will be at least a few presents to give out. I think this year we are only doing five, so we can spend a little more time on each one, but if you are going the whole hog and doing 20 + the neighbourhood kids then you had better plan for something simple.

In the past my daughter has made cards and given out little bags of chocolates, and one year she made little beaded bracelets for the girls and leather charm necklaces for the boys. This year she is thinking about button bracelets or salt clay pendants.

Some other cute ideas of things for kids to make for other kids include:

1. Making pendants: try using shrinky dink plastic or polymer clay (fimo, sculpey etc) which can be baked in the oven at home, then thread them onto leather or string.
2. Cards: try making your own stamps using potatoes or erasers to decorate blank cards.
3. Cooking: if your kids love to cook why not help them make shortbread or gingerbread and use fancy cookie cutters to create fun shapes.
4. Drawings: are your kids budding artists, why not get them to turn their drawings into small books bound together with string.
5. Peg people: pegs and paddle pop sticks are great to decorate and draw on, to give personality to, great idea for kids to make some to give their friends.

Hope your kids have fun with these ideas … do you have any others?

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  1. Janean

    One we did a year when I got a BIG chunk of fleece on sale was to cut it into strips about 10 inches wide, fringe the ends and let him roll them up and tie them with curly ribbon.

    Ta Da! Scarves! They were a big hit. 😀

  2. Melissa

    We went to and found some cute kits! We got some foam photo frames with tap and ballet shoes on them and make them for all the kids in her dance class. They were simle enough for her to do. She’s only 3 but we had a great time with the and the kids loved them.

  3. Veronique

    I made magnifying magnets for my daughter’s classmates. At eight years of age, this was a project she could easily have done, but I did just ’cause I was in the mood to play around with paper and glue one night. All you need is glass baubles (the kind they use in floral arangement), a picture to be magnified, magnets, and glue. You’ll find pictures and instructions here.

  4. Nan

    Homemade bookmarks – maybe with a collage of photos of kids with their friends or simply some original artwork…

  5. Sarah

    We all make handmade gifts for each other and exchange them on Christmas Eve so they are special–removed from all the other stuff on Christmas morning. It is one of the most highly prized parts of Christmas now.

    In the past few years, my kids have made fleece pillows (by knotting around the edges), earrings, Christmas Elfs, knit scarfs, knit kitties, collages from school painting papers, carved mice, stamped stationery. We’re attempting bound journals this year.

  6. Deirdre

    We’re making bath salts and putting them in boxes we painted a beautiful green and decoupaged with flowers from old catalogs.

  7. Jo

    Hey Kathreen – I’d be interested to know where you might find Shrinky Dink film in Australia – I didn’t have much luck last time I looked. Also, my 6 y.o. gave her little brother a voucher offering ‘play’ for one hour! (Can’t wait to see that!)

  8. sarah

    A great gift that was given to my son one year from a classmate was homemade soap – the soaps were poured into the small candy forms and a couple were put inot a small bag and tied with a ribbon.

    Another great gift is to put a picture (if you have one) of your little one with their best friend and put it into either a frame or an ornament frame to give. Its nice to look back over the years and remember that time or person in your childs life esp. if you’ve moved or just moved on.

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