Festive bird finger puppets

Lyn from Molly Chicken sent us this great craft idea

Guest Post

lyn birds 05

A fun project to do with children of any age, if they are to young to sew – use glue instead.

You will need:
White card
Black, white, brown and scraps of yellow and red felt.
Needle and threads or craft glue.
Stick-on googly eyes.

Get the kids to draw around their finger, onto the white card for the basic birdy body shape. The kids I work with always enjoy this bit, and you get some really ‘interesting’ shaped birds. Alternatively use the template provided. Add a large hem allowance for gluing or stitching together, and cut out.

lyn birds 01

Pin the template to two layers of your felt, and cut out. Now cut the beaks, wings and breasts and if you are making a dove you will need a little red heart.

Stitch/glue the breast or heart and the beak to one of the body pieces.

lyn birds 02

And then stitch the two body pieces together, sewing your wings into place at the same time.
lyn birds 03

Stick on the googly eyes and you’re done.

lyn birds 04

[ These can also be adapted to make the most fabulous ornaments — see Lyn’s post from last year – Ed.]