Junk-food ornaments

Heather from HELLO My Name is Heather sent us this fabulous idea

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Heather Junk Food 01

Exercise those right brains with junk-food paper dolls. And, if you enjoy a funky junky Christmas tree as much as I do, hang ’em on your tree for holiday laughs year after year.

You will need:
Junk-food boxes
Permanent marker

Wire, bells, eyelets, string, buttons, etc.

With a permanent marker, draw body parts on your favorite junk food box, allowing for overlap when the doll is bradded together. Be choosy about the placement of each body part, so it will ‘read’ well when assembled. For best results, be on the lookout for letters and shapes that can help define your character, like the garlic beard on Cheez-It Santa or the letter “O” eyeball on OREO Mama. Assemble doll using petite metal brads. Glue on facial features and clothing embellishments to your heart’s content. If you’d like to hang the doll on your tree, attach a wire loop to the top and you’re all set.

Heather Junk Food 02

OREO Mama kicked off the craze, then Cheez-It Santa, TV-dinner Scooby-Doo and The Coke Star were all eagerly crafted by my son, Elijah.

Heather Junk Food 03

Heather Junk Food 04

Needless to say, these funky junkies are among my favorite Christmas ornaments ever!

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