Making candy cane and lollypop ornaments

Christina from Jam Fancy sent us this quick last-minute ornament craft

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Christina candy cane 11

You will need:
A board to work on
Fimo or sculpey
A plate

Christina candy cane 01

Roll a ball of each of your Christmas colours of about the same size.

Christina candy cane 02

Roll out the balls into thin sausages then twist two colours together. Roll them in to one thin sausage and cut the long piece in roughly in half.

Christina candy cane 03

Christina candy cane 04

If you are making candy canes form them into the right shape by making a crook at one end.

Christina candy cane 05

To make lollipops, roll the sausage in upon itself to make a spiral and flatten out the round shape by pressing it down with you fingers.

Christina candy cane 06

Using the blunt end of the toothpick, make a hole in the top of the circle.

With the pointed end of the toothpick, push gently into the bottom of the circle to make the lollipop stick.

Christina candy cane 09

Place the canes and lollipops on the plate and follow the instructions on the packets for the cooking times.

Thread up the lollipop and then decorate your tree!

Christina candy cane 10

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