D.I.Y. last minute gift ideas

Last minute illo

It may be the 11th hour, but there is still plenty of time to dive into some last-minute crafting to create that perfect homemade gift. Here are some suggestions for presents which you and / or the kids can whip together today ready for a lucky relative tomorrow.

Kid’s art stationery

You will need:
A5 paper
Child’s drawing
Word processor

Scan in the art work and insert it on a page in your word processor. If you are word processor savvy, create some lines in a grey shade down the page for writing guides. Print out multiples on to A5 paper. Bundle in lots of 10 with matching envelopes. You could even print the motif on the back of the envelope for a matching set, and if you are feeling super keen why not make some of your own envelopes? Package the lot together with raffia twine, or a strip of thin paper taped at the back or in a cellophane bag.

If you don’t have access to a computer on Christmas Eve, you could get your kids involved in a production line of paper and envelope decorating at the kitchen table and then bundle up sets of one-of-a-kind stationery for extra lucky relatives.

And from our archives:

Don’t forget the marvellous Crayon cookies

last minute crayon cookies

Peel the papers off broken crayon pieces and place three different colours in each cup of a mini muffin tray. Place in a preheated oven at 150°c for a few minutes and the allow to cool on a bench before placing in the freezer for half an hour. They should then just pop out of the tray and be ready to wrapped up and placed under the tree.

If you have a few spare hours this afternoon, try making a Sock Monkey

Last minute sock monkey

While the sock monkey instructions look a little confronting at first glance, putting one of these gorgeous and quirky guys together is actually incredibly easy – even for a real sewing machine novice.

You will need:
A pair of medium length socks in any colour or pattern
Black or brown felt
Red or pink felt
A sewing machine
Print out of sock monkey instructions

Follow the instructions for deconstructing the pair of socks into the bits for the monkey and then sew together and stuff according to the directions.

Have a look at this sock monkey gallery for oodles of inspiration.

And of course, from our wonderful guest posts this month you could always whip up some Festive bird finger puppets, Pecan-pretzel candies or a book of Dress-up dolls.

Here are some quick ideas from around the web:

Peppermint Creams from Delicious Magazine

Last minute peppermint creams

These are quick and easy treats which can be dipped in chocolate or left as they are and then bundled up in cellophane. Most of the ingredients are probably already in your cupboard.

Stephanie’s fabric trees

Last minute trees

Print out the pattern and put these fabric trees together in no time at all and embellish them with buttons, trim or sequins.

Heather’s headbands & booties

Last minute booties

More downloadable patterns, this time for booties and headbands. Beautiful stuff.

And then there are free homemade toys for toddlers (via Parent Hacks) and Cat Morley’s enormous archives of projects many of which would make great gifts. Happy last minute crafting!

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  1. Jo

    Hi Claire, I saw your suggestions in The Sunday Age – so cool to be getting that sort of coverage for these lovely homemade pursuits – you are a beacon for the more wholesome things in life – thanks for that! x

  2. bee

    Heather´s booties are wonderful…thanks a lot for that patterns. I´ve made a pair for my 3 month baby…We are from Canary Islands(Spain)…so your boots were made for “walking” this little island…thanks again! bz

  3. Deirdre

    Thanks for the sock monkey idea! I had no idea what an easy project that could be. We just got our first sewing machine and broke it in by making sock monkeys. It was a a great first project for both my 10-year-old and me.

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