Hello New Year!

Bella blue paper dolls

Welcome to Kiddley for 2007!

It’s our first day back but I still feel as though I am in holiday mode. AJ doesn’t go back to Kinder for another three weeks so there are plenty of holiday activities happening over here… now I just need to get organised enough to photograph them and write them up as Kiddley articles.

While we were away…

Babble (which launched mid December) has been busy and is already brimming with goodness.

10 Tips for a Successful 2007 (via Parent Hacks)

The top 10 Parent Hacks of 2006

So, today? Where you are it might be incredibly cold but here it’s going to be 39°c so I am washing teddy bears and making ice cream.

** the above photo was taken by the incredibly talented Bella Blue from Lost in Transition. Reproduced with her permission. Her kids are decorating some print outs of Kiddley paper doll templates **

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  1. LJ


    Welcome back! I’m truly glad you’re back! I’ve missed your posts. I become addicted to this blog! I’m not joking, Kiddley really became a companion for my Winter afternoons and I love most of the ideas I find here. I want to try some of them with my five years old little boy…I had never posted a comment before, but when the idea that you could end this blog crossed my mind, I clearly understood the importance of encouraging your work…so, thanks for a wonderful work!

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