Aunt Sarah Dolls

Aunt Sarah Dolls

Amy at Angry Chicken gives simple, straight forward instructions for making these Aunt Sarah Dolls —

“The girls love these dollys a whole lot and I thought about making some with photos of the whole family. I think it’s especially cool for long distance family and friends that they don’t see very often. Plus it’s just freaky and funny to see faces of real people on dolls.”

3 Responses to “Aunt Sarah Dolls”

  1. Island Jen

    These dolls are HILAROUS! I want to make a few of my children to send to their far off cousins… It’s sure to bring chuckles if nothing else.
    Thanks for this awesome website!!

  2. Sarah

    Wait, I hope to be an Aunt Sarah some day. Those are fantastic! I’m going to have to try that.

  3. Veronique

    OMG… my coffee squirted right out my nose & tears immediately popped outta my eyes when that image came up. My laptop is not pleased…

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