Covering school books

Cover School Books

There are many things to feel happy about when the words “back to school” start being bandied about, and also many things that make your heart grow heavy. Covering school books is probably, for most, in the latter category. But fear not! It can be all sorts of fun. Notebook Magazine shows us the trick to covering school books (above), while Family Fun Magazine suggests a book-covering party might be a good way to turn a tedious activity into something enjoyable, and Martha has lots of bright ideas… of course. Our advice is to involve your kids, break out the stickers, markers, scrapbooking papers and clear plastic and make a day of it (or at least a couple of hours).

7 Responses to “Covering school books”

  1. andi

    The thing I hate the most about covering schoolbooks is trying to find NICE contact that doesn’t have some or other icky licensed character on it. I did my shopping early this year (only to be maddened by the fact I paid $4.99 for contact that was being sold for 49 cents three weeks later)! Anyway… If anyone has any bright ideas for nicer book covering please respond!

  2. Jessicah

    I used flowery pillowcase fabric to cover my Diary this year, It looks great! For school books it might be possible to cover them with clear duraseal over top to extend the life of the book. Pick up some neat pillowcases form the local op shop! Good luck.

  3. Abbey

    I am greatly in need of some polka dot stickers in various sizes and colors…like in the above picture.

    Does anyone know where I can buy them in the US…or even online??? I would be happy with a store name or even better a brand name.


  4. Deirdre

    For the polka-dots, why not a some white paper, a compass, and scissors or a knife?

  5. Ashley

    Im 16 and every year since i was 12 i find it diffiuclt to find good book covering. that doesnt have childrens charcters on it. So i improvise, by going trough my favourite magazines and cutting out pictures that i like. This year i have my favourtie poems, Random pictures of flowers, the heart throb of the moment, pictures of my friends, my favourite bands and even a map of Europe (as i one day wish to travel there)Its great fun to ahev an unquie book and some people even copy my ideas!

  6. libby

    I covered some of my books with newspaper. Then over the top of that with clear plastic. I will always know what movies were playing at the time I started school. Or if I am bored play the crossword. Other kids thought it was a great idea.

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