Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day to residents, citizens, visitors and ex-pats of Australia!

For those who don’t know much about Australia Day (and for those who do but might be interested anyway) here’s some information on what it’s all about.

Here are some ideas for how you might like to celebrate:

Possum Magic

Read Mem Fox’s Possum Magic (available here) and make lamingtons, Anzac Biscuits or Pavlova (recipes over on Mem’s page).

Play a game of backyard cricket and have a barbeque.

Learn about Australia’s indigenous people and their culture.

And the Australian of the Year is Tim Flannery! Author of We are the Weather Makers – The Story of Global Warming. (via Read Alert)

3 Responses to “Happy Australia Day!”

  1. laeroport

    I SO love Possum Magic. Must read that tonight and make some Anzac biscuits. Thanks for the heads up for us northern folk!


  2. kath

    yay – tim flannery is wonderful. did you see the documentary 2 men in a tinny – so lovely
    happy Australia day claire

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