International Internet-Free Day

internet free day

Today is International Internet-Free Day!

“Do you check your inbox every five minutes? Do you lose track of time surfing the online shops? Have you e-mailed a colleague at a desk next to you? Do you podcast your daily thoughts, rather than call your mother? Fear not: hope is at hand. Take a break on this Sunday January 28th: Internet Free Day.” – Global Ideas Bank

I only just found out about this but I am going to turn off my computer right now and go and play with some lego on the carpet before cooking up some chili (via Suburban Bliss) and then hitting the park. What are you up to today?

5 Responses to “International Internet-Free Day”

  1. christie

    It is stll Saturday here, so thanks for the heads up. I’ve recently done a pretty darn good job of weaning myself off way too much internet, so this will be a nice full day of no computer instead of just limited.

  2. jen

    I swear I didn’t know about this until I read this. Oh well – no internet free day for me today!

  3. heidi

    what a great idea! turnig mine off as we speak! we have tacos and friends tonight! the whole neighborhood will be at our house. email can wait till tomorrow!

  4. Rebecca

    Is there no irony in that “Internet Free Day” seemed to be broadcast on the internet?

    (Love the site!)

  5. Dima

    I think you and people who read your blog may like the idea i am trying to promote as of a couple of days ago. I called it a Commfree Day and the idea is to have one day a month without any media and information technologies. I blogged about it in more detail and you are mostly welcome to take a look, let me know what you think, join in, and spread the word if interested.

    Thank you!

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