How to Teach A Child to Sew

Sewing Machine tutorial

Are your kids itching to use your sewing machine and start creating masterpieces? Maria from One Hour Craft has posted a tutorial on how to teach your kids to sew the easiest and safest way. Perhaps after they have mastered the machine, you could set them to sewing a Valentine’s garland.


5 Responses to “How to Teach A Child to Sew”

  1. andi

    I taught my son’s kindergarten class to sew about 2 years ago. I had shown the boys and my oldest son (5 at the time) wanted to show off his new skill to his kindergarten buddies. We cut pieces out of felt and they sewed them to a felt background. Something like this

  2. Iona

    Thanks for this link, Claire. My 7yo son loves watching me sew and asking for his turn. I figure he may as well learn how to do it properly and make stuff for himself!

  3. Karin de Kok

    Another tip in de line of the article.
    Every sewingmachine store can change the highest speed of any sewingmachine. When pushing the pedal it won’t sew fast anymore.
    That makes it for some kids easier to learn to sew.
    Sorry for my english, it isn’t my firt lanuguage.

    Greetings Karin

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