Paper CD sleeves for Valentine’s cookies

Valentines cd package

Angie from Northreads sent us this easy-peasy idea for packaging up a Valentine’s cookie. Using paper CD sleeves (available at office supply stores), slip the cookie inside so that it can be seen through the round plastic window. Decorate the sleeve with Valentine’s stamps, attach a cute label with rick-rack and you’re done! (link)

8 Responses to “Paper CD sleeves for Valentine’s cookies”

  1. paperballet

    awesomely cute. you could even punch/cut a small hole in the middle of the cookie to make it look like a CD.

  2. Susan

    I hate to be a stickler, but the CD sleeves as cookie envelope idea is in this month’s Martha Stewart. I’ve never posted before, but I adore kiddley. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  3. Amy

    Just discovered this blog and had to comment what a great idea this is! Awesome!

  4. Buskerdoo

    This is yet another great use for cd sleeves. We’ve seen a lot of dirrent uses for sleeves and think this is one of the best. Easy to do, great use for stamps, etc.

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