Quick collages

Stitch in time collage

Sarah sent us this quick collage idea she did yesterday with her kids.

You will need:
A stack of magazines

“They are so simple to do: Just hack up some old unwanted magazines (not the latest issue of Selvedge, or the most recent Boden catalogue, some things are just off-limits!), and re-construct!” – Sarah

For something similar you could pin the bits on a to a potato and create “5 minute potato people“.

4 Responses to “Quick collages”

  1. leslie heuer

    i have been doing a lot of collages, they are the funnest and easy for a large group! thanks for this great picture.

  2. sherry

    Another fun thing to do with this is to just cut out parts of different faces and then let the kids glue them to paper plates to make a head.

  3. Andrea

    We did something similar for a baby shower. We provided piles of eyes, noses, mouths and the guests drew the rest. Mom-to-be picked the “cutest” baby as the winner.

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