No-sew tutu

Andrea of Love Monkey sent us this great tutorial for “The easiest no-sew tutu ever!”

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Tutu 02

You will need:
Crinoline – in a few colours
Elastic band – i used a large hair band in pink but you could always sew one from elastic just a little smaller than the child’s waist.

Tutu 01

Cut the pieces of fabric into strips. They can vary on width and on length as this will work well for the tutu when completed. My strips were approximately 3 inches wide by 20 inches long.

Loosely knot a strip of fabric onto the elastic band – make sure that the knot is in the middle of the strip so you have approximately the same amount of fabric on either side of the knot. Do this many times, alternating colours, until the elastic is covered. It is better to overcrowd as the tutu elastic will grow once it is worn.

Do a little trimming if pieces are too long or too uneven.

Tutu 03

That is it!! The easiest, no-sew tutu ever!! Enjoy!

12 Responses to “No-sew tutu”

  1. Marykz

    so clever- I love the idea of the hair band. I have no elastic at the moment but we have tons of these hair bands! my little one will be thrilled to add to the dress up box. thanks! MKZ

  2. susan sobon

    adorable, makes me wish i had a little one that i could make it for. do you think i could talk my 13 yr old into wearing one??? nah!!!!! i didnt think so either. 🙁

  3. Ticia

    These make great birthday party favors for a princess themed party, and you can make them according to holidays. I saw one made with orange and black tulle, and the lady had sewn or glued sequins and buttons on it for the occasion. You could also use ribbons.

  4. kristi

    Are you kidding? That is SO easy! My 15 month old is going to be the cutest ballerina for Halloween! Thanks!

  5. Lauren

    Brilliant! This is so perfect for my dance costume. =]

  6. Jamie

    Thanks so much! My neighbor didn’t have a Halloween costume for her 7 year old daughter so I picked up a pair of monarch butterfly wings ($5 at walmart) and made a tutu in matching orange and yellow sparkle tulle ($4.50 JoAnn Fabrics) paired with her black leotard and jeans and TADA! I also painted a big glittery butterfly on her face and gave her some pigtail braids “antennae “. She won a prize for the prettiest costume in her class and it just made her day 🙂

  7. No Sew Tutu

    […] Northwest Arkansas. Click here to subscribe to Life+Kids by Email. Thanks for visiting!I think this no sew tutu is just adorable, and looks so easy to make.  You basically knot strips of tulle around an […]

  8. Andrea

    I did this for my daughter’s friend’s 3rd Birthday. She is into everything girly and dress-up. It was sooo inexpensive to make. A bit time-consuming if you make it really fluffy but not bad really. I highly recommend this project to anyone!

  9. amanda

    I’ve tried making one now, and find the toile to be VERY staticy…is there an easy way to remove the static?

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