Apartment Therapy does the Nursery

apartment therapy

Happy happy! Apartment Therapy launched it’s newest blog this month – The Nursery. Expect lots of nice stuff:

“As with all the AT blogs, this one is devoted to supporting the home, but it takes special aim that part of the home that is occupied by babies and small children…

…Hailing from the West Coast, the Midwest and the East, this savvy team is going to be blogging all the good ideas and resources they find on the web, in the news, in magazines and on television. Nothing is sacred, everything is fair game.

In addition, we want to know what makes your Nursery work for you. We want to know your favorite tips, treasures and achievements, the stuff that makes you love your home AND your children. Please don’t be shy, your comments, emails, photos and suggestions are all welcome. It is the spirit of community, the mutual respect and support that really makes Apartment Therapy work.”

(via decor8)

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  1. jktaylor

    I knew it!! I’ve been waiting for this to come along ever since Maxwell G-R had his baby and realized the challenges of keeping a beautiful and functional space with a wee one around. yay!

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