Draw a giant labyrinth with chalk


Releia from Bare Clementines has blogged about an easy way to draw a labyrinth in chalk on the ground for your kids to run around. Find some chalk, enlist your kids to help out and set about creating the most complicated labyrinth you can, causing major backache while you’re at it!

Releia’s labyrinth is created according to the following steps (I hope I got it right, Releia):


If you are keen, you can find some more complicated desgins for drawing your own labyrinths over at Instructables. It’s as simple as creating a key (a basic key is shown in step one in the diagram above) and then slowly and systematically connecting the points. Instructables provides a number of different, interesting keys.

2 Responses to “Draw a giant labyrinth with chalk”

  1. Julia

    This looks really fun. For my 2 year old daughter, we draw a big race track on the driveway with chalk. Not quite as complicated as a labyrinth of course, but fun for the younger crowd. When its too cold for outside, we make a track inside on the linoleum using painters tape. The process of making the track, playing with it, then pulling up the tape (which she loves) can take up a lot of time on a snow bound afternooon.

  2. Andrea

    Totally love it. We always enjoy taking our cars outside and drawing a network of roads, railroads, parking lots, houses, stores, parks, etc…

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