Valentine’s buckets

Over at Knit & Pearl you will find these beautiful decoupage buckets, ready and waiting to be filled with Valentine’s treats. Joy says:

“Want to make one? it’s easy
– cut out illustrations from a damaged or favorite book
– glue stick them on to the pail
– once pail is covered with illustrations, brush on a few layers of modge podge
– once dry, add your favorite pom-pom trim or ribbon
– fill with candy, valentines, cookies, or love letters”

Further instructions for decoupage can be found at About: Family Crafts.

13 Responses to “Valentine’s buckets”

  1. jannelle

    Wow! Love the buckets. They look fun and easy to make. I hope to make one soon. Great idea!

  2. Georgia

    Hi Amy, It’s sweet that you are trying to provide credit where it is due, but I looked at the Knit and Pearl website, and she had this idea up on January 20. The buckets on Pixiegenne were not posted until Feb 7. Just thought you might be interested…

  3. joy

    i talked to “Pixiegenne” myself and showed her my buckets and how similar ours were to each other, i wasn’t copying her idea-just making something cute for my girls- she didn’t mind, didn’t think i copied hers, and even said she liked the pom pom trim.
    But PLEASE check out her site, IT IS amazing!!!!!

  4. suzanne

    Hi Georgia,
    Actually, just to clarify, Pixiegenne did post the idea as far back as September. And, her decoupaged products are sold on a really nifty website, Mahardrygoods. Knit and Pearl’s idea is embellished (pom-pom fringe), however, it is strikingly similar to Pixiegennes…right down to the vintage children’s book pages. Perhaps Knit and Pearl came up with the idea completely on her own. If so, awesome.

  5. Sarah

    Georgia: Pixiegenne’s buckets have been on her etsy site since *at least* November of last year (although I’m pretty sure I saw them earlier than that), and those (and her suitcases) are pretty well-known and popular. I commented in my blog back in August that I would totally love to rip her off (jokingly!) because she did such wonderful work, and she very sincerely told me to go ahead, because she was always inspired by other crafters in her other projects as well. (So, basically, she had the same response she had for Joy.)
    Joy’s buckets are also fantastic, and the trim looks great! It adds a nice touch, and thanks for the idea to head over to Target to get some pails!

  6. kelli ann

    what a sage decision. kudos for wisely realizing when & how to focus on the important stuff– and thank you for all of the wonderful contributions you have made to the online community. i wish you perspective, balance and joy with your 2 daughters– cheers!

  7. suzanne

    ugh…..i was stirring the pot wasn’t I? I apologize. This world does not need anymore “angry villagers”….thank you for not posting my origional comment. and truely….enjoy your blogging break. love both your sites. and to Knit & Pearl and to Georgie….. Seriously – keep up the good work! and to Kelli Ann – you are wise to point out that focusing on the important stuff and keeping balance is key. Have a good, creative week everyone.

  8. Chloe

    Sorry you are leaving. I just found you and thought what a great site this was. Good luck!

  9. Mizsmoochielips

    That is such a cute idea! Knowing who to credit for an idea that is seen more than once on the internet is so hard to do! I know no one would purposely mean to discredit… It sort of reminds me of something I heard… There is no such thing as an original idea… and I kind of think that is true. I mean, really – the concept of covering a tin can is something our grandmothers did with yarn or wallpaper, and our mothers did with tacky Contact paper or twine… now it has come back around in our generation with book pages or fine vintage papers… But just the same, thanks for sharing and reminding me of a great idea 🙂

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