Kiddley takes a break

It’s time for us to put Kiddley on the back-burner for a while. Since the birth of our daughter Lily back in June we have been struggling as a family to find the right balance of life, work and blogging. Unfortunately life has been suffering more and more. It has been regularly occurring to me that it’s somewhat ironic that a website dedicated to helping parents and carers find things to do with their kids has been taking us away from ours! In one of those blinding flashes of reason I suddenly realised that something had to give, and unfortunately blogging is it.

Kiddley has been a joy and I want to quickly thank some good people for their support since its inception. Asha Dornfest, Kathreen Ricketson, Darren Rowse, Ben Hosken, Michelle Griffin, and Amber Carvan have all helped out in various ways, and we are most grateful.

To the awesome array of guest contributors we had in November and December who took the time to put together beautiful ideas and tutorials which made me realise just how amazing Kiddley could be – Thank you!

And thank you to our kids! Amelia and Lily who are our biggest inspirations every day.

And your kids, for getting in and doing stuff, for taking photos and for sharing the joy with us on Flickr.

And you – for your ideas, emails, comments, photos and links.

We hope you will still find much fun in the Kiddley archives. Please see our new sidebar links which will take you to some other fabulous kid’s activities sites.
Lots of love,

Claire and Phil