In memory of Kathreen

​I was so saddened to read about Kathreen’s tragic death yesterday and that of her husband Rob, and I am so sorry for Otilija and Orlando.

I feel I need to remember her on Kiddley because she was a big part of our early days of in 2006.

Many of us feel like we knew her and her lovely family well and she will be greatly missed. Kathreen was one of the true pioneers of the craft-blogging movement with her wonderful books and websites… She was powerhouse of ideas and motivation and inspiration as a publisher, a mother and a friend.

She was passionate. She was a true original.

​We were both blogging back when it was still just plain weird to be a blogger. She started with her personal blog Redcurrent, and then launched the formidable Whipup, a cornerstone in the craft blogsphere. I was blogging with Loobylu and then Phil and I launched Kiddley. We swapped tips and links for launching new sites and she contributed generously to Kiddley with her time, ideas and articles.

She was absolutely dedicated to her ideals about family life and about how children should be raised – within nature, with as much exposure to art and culture as possible, encouraging curiosity, strong family bonds and lots and lots of love. I think she had it right. 

One of her last personal posts on her blog captures so much about her so beautifully.

Her friends have set up an education fund for Otilija an Orlando – you can find the details and how to donate here.

2 Responses to “In memory of Kathreen”

  1. judy in carefree

    So very sad and I will miss all her posts. My heart bleeds for their children.

  2. anastasia

    I was so sad to hear this – I was just reading something from her blog the other day and remembered discovering her blog and being totally inspired…which led me onto my own journey of blogging…its all so very tragic.

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