The Lomster Files: Kirby’s Epic Yarn for Wii

Welcome to the Lomster Files, a regular column penned by our 10 year old daughter AJ. This week she talks about one of her all time favourite Nintendo Wii games Kirby’s Epic Yarn.


Recently my sister and I have been hooked on a game called Kirby’s Epic Yarn for the Wii.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a super fun game about a little guy called Kirby. I am ten and I have been really enjoying it, but there are some things that my six year old sister finds quite hard, so for younger kids it is better to play two player with someone to help. They can still play alone but it might be a little bit trickier.

The main idea of the story, is this:

One sunny day in Kirby’s home, Dream Land, Kirby finds his favorite food, a tomato, on the top of a bush. He eats it up and suddenly an evil caped sorcerer appears from behind the bush! It turns out that the tomato was actually the sorcerer’s magic Metomato, and the sorcerer is very angry that Kirby ate it! Then, a magic sock around the sorcerer’s neck begins to glow, and Kirby is sucked right into it!


Kirby finds himself in a land called Patch Land, where everything is made from fabric, yarn, cotton, thread and buttons. Then Kirby realises he himself is made of yarn! Kirby sees a small yarn boy being chased by a yarn monster. Kirby grabs the yarn boy ( who’s name is Prince Fluff.) and then Kirby magically transforms into a car and saves Prince Fluff, driving him to safety. Kirby realises that the magic Metomato gave Kirby the ability to seamlessly transform into a car… And many other things too. Join Prince Fluff and Kirby on an adventure to save Patch Land and Dream Land from The Evil Caped Sorcerer, Yin-Yarn and unlock new pieces of patch land, to be sewn together.


In Kirby’s Epic Yarn, there are many levels to complete, from jumping on giant mushrooms, swimming in the sea, and battling monsters ┬áto exploring Prince Fluff’s castle, sewing up hurt teddy bears and skating on ice.


This game is awesome, and can be played by one player as Kirby, or two players as Kirby and Prince Fluff. Kirby’s Epic Yarn is good, because it is really fun, and very cute, with fun things to do.

It’s a great game that I highly recommend. Five hearts!

And that’s what I think about Kirby’s Epic Yarn.



Kirby’s Epic Yarn
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Mild cartoon violence