Unstoppable Learning – NPR Podcast

My friend Rob pointed out this NPR podcast on education and learning last week and I quickly found myself totally absorbed and have been recommending it to everyone since. Based on a collection of fascinating TED talks, the podcast covers self directed learning, what foetuses learn while still in the womb, how babies play and develop and the importance of relationships in education. I promise you, you will come away feeling inspired and optimistic.

“Learning is an integral part of human nature. But why do we — as adults — assume learning must be taught, tested and reinforced? Why do we put so much effort into making kids think and act like us? In this hour, TED speakers explore the ways babies and children learn, from the womb to the playground to the Web”.

Including the words and work of Sugata Mitra, Annie Murphy Paul, Rita F Pierson and Alison Gopnik.


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