Songza playlists for kids & parents

Have you heard of Songza? It’s a free music-recommendation service which plays songlists based on your mood or activity. Maybe it’s cooking italian food, or sipping a bevvie by the ocean, perhaps you need some tunes to accompany sad suffering and bad luck, or (if you’re more lucky) dancing it up with friends at a French Discotheque.

Here are some playlists to entertain the kids:

Spring Cleaning
Perfect for blasting loudly when cleaning the bedroom/playroom/family room. Poppy, motivational music for dust busting and toy sorting. We also play A French Indie Pop Party. Dance that junk back into those cupboards.

New York Rooftop Rock*
While your kitchen may not be anything like a rooftop party in New York, there’s always room for rocking out, party-style, when getting dinner ready. In between julienning the carrots and pushing the potato bake into the oven, there’s nothing like “dancing like a mom” (see the below video for tips from Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon)  to make the kids boogie, laugh or maybe even cower, muttering things like “O.M.G! Die of total embarrassment”.

This one comes with a warning — the Ramones sing about being sedated, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs sing about cheating hearts, and so on. Here’s a goofy alternative for G-rated family friendly tunes.


Soul Songs To Raise Your Kids To
How to raise an interesting kid.

Songs to Raise Your Kids To
For a full education in popular music. Your kids will moan “Oh no! Not again! Can’t we listen to something cool?” but you will say “Just listen! You’ve gotta know this stuff! It’s good for you!” and then after a while, when everyone is feeling sufficiently educated, maybe even you will feel the need to change the playlist.

Family Car Trip
Summer’s coming and I am picturing an old-style family road trip. Windows down, sandy legs, stopping only for gas, popsicles and washrooms and this playlist blasting from the car stereo speakers. I know the reality is hot, bored, tetchy kids but I like to dream.

Kiddie Songs of Fun and I’m My Own High School Musical! and Songs of Childlike Wonder
For your all your kid friendly (but slightly annoying) kids’ music.

Oh, and incase you are feeling a little down on the Mom thing there’s Cool Songs for Young Moms. How young is young? Will this really make me cool? Does dancing in your uggs counteract the power of these particular tunes?

Never mind. Dance on, cool moms.

Here’s the full children’s genre list.