Lost Sloth – J. Otto Seibold

A brand new J Otto book! Lost Sloth is out today (McSweeney’s McMullens, $16.95). Fans of Olive, the Other Reindeer and the Mr Lunch books will rejoice.

“The best-ever, and funniest, picture book about a sloth. Sloth’s phone rings and rings. He races across the room to answer the call, but he’s a sloth, so it takes a while. The phone says he’s won an afternoon shopping spree! Can the sloth get to the store in time to claim his prize? Yes, but it’s going to take an impromptu zipline, a missed bus, a parkful of trees, an oblivious ice-cream vendor, a rainbow hang glider, and an out-of-control shopping cart to make it happen. As soon as the spree begins, the sloth crashes into a pillow display and falls asleep, exhausted from excitement. When he awakes, he finds himself the proud and happy owner of several fine new pillows. Mission accomplished.” – McSweeneys.



The author, J. Otto Seibold, sells tshirts and copies of his book in L.A. (image via the McSweeney’s Facebook page.)