NPR: When ‘G’ Movies Are For Kids, Do Kids Avoid ‘G’ Movies?

“If you are searching for a film with a G rating, you may be out of luck”. On NPR’s Monkey See, Bob Mondello discusses the lack of good “G” rated films coming out of Hollywood and a trend to spice up movies to appeal to a wider audience.


One Response to “NPR: When ‘G’ Movies Are For Kids, Do Kids Avoid ‘G’ Movies?”

  1. Jessica Poundstone

    I totally agree that the lack of quality movies for kids is a bummer. Whether G or PG, seems like it’s pretty hard to find kids movies that aren’t just……bad ( overly-simplistic, overly-sentimentalized or overly-raunchy). I’ve made a list here of movies and tv shows that our family has been able to enjoy together – smart, moving, funny, etc. while still being appropriate for two pretty senstive kiddos (age 4 & 7). I’d love to get other people’s recommendations!

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