How to have a Paint Fight

Maggie Mason, the fabulous blogger at Mighty Girl, recently hosted an all-in paint fight. Kids and parents were decked out in protective clothing and let loose on each other with the pure intention of covering their friends in paint.


Maggie says: “Some of my best childhood memories are messy. Playing in the mud, cracking the eggs myself when we were baking, shaving cream beards — and no one chasing me around with a Wet Wipe or a spit-soaked tissue. Awww, MOM.

So hosting this paint-fight at the Epic Playdate was nostalgic for my inner kid, and troublesome for my outer parent. How would we convince everyone to play along? What about staining, and overzealous kids, and staining? The answer is, shhh. This will be fine.”

Here’s how she did it, step by step.