The Lomster Files: Ruby Redfort by Lauren Child

Welcome to the Lomster Files, a regular column penned by our 10 year old daughter AJ. 

Hi Guys!
I’m back again and today I am doing a review of the Ruby Redfort series. One of the greatest book series in history (or at least that I’ve ever read).

Ruby Redfort is a very funny 13 year old girl, who gets asked by a secret agency, called Spectrum, to be a secret agent.

The book is by Lauren Child, who is the author of the Clarice Bean series, and Charlie and Lola. In Clarice Bean, Clarice actually reads the Ruby Redfort books, and lots of people wrote to Lauren Child, asking her to please write Ruby Redfort. So she did.

Ruby Redfort has lots of T-shirts with things like “Keep It Zipped”, “In Deep Trouble” and “Excuse Me While I Yawn”.

She also has this best friend called Clancy, who flaps his arms alot when he’s worried and goes on all of Ruby’s adventures with her. Clancy is very loyal and quirky, and Ruby is also very cool and super smart.

In the first Ruby Redfort book, Look Into My Eyes (Ruby Redfort), Ruby has to protect the Jade Buddha from the evil genius Count Von Viscount. In Ruby Redfort Take Your Last Breath, Ruby is trying to figure out why there is all this crazy sea madness, like tons of fourteen foot sharks in the harbour of Twinford bay, the place where Ruby lives, and a fisherman being drowned in his own boat.

Ruby has these very rich parents and a butler called Hitch who is actually a secret agent himself, and helps Ruby. He also has a portable toaster, which is actually a fax machine, and messages from HQ pop up, then you just eat the evidence.

I like these books because they are very funny and smart, and Ruby is a very likable character. They are very gripping, and you just cannot put them down! Just as you’re about to go to bed, Ruby will suddenly be stuck in a pool full of jellyfish that can paralyse you with a sting. You will probably find yourself reading it under your covers with a flashlight.

There are three books in this series so far:


(The last one is a survival guide that I haven’t gotten yet.)


actually FIVE BILLION HEARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!