5 Delicious Monster Inspired Smoothies

We recently bought ourselves a hardy blender and have been delving into the world of smoothie making. I am a complete and utter novice and following the advice of a friend who goes by “just throw in whatever you have in the fridge plus a few dessert spoons of cocoa” meant that I created a couple of delights that got the review “eww, tastes like compost”. With a little more research and some dedicated smoothy tasting, we here at the Kiddley test kitchen have decided upon our 5 favourite delicious MONSTER INSPIRED recipes:

* A note about milk: We use either coconut milk or almond milk in our recipes as they happen to be our household milks of choice. Any of these recipes would be just as fine with cow, soy or rice. Happy blending!

1. The Yeti

1 banana
1/2 cup of vanilla yoghurt
2 tablespoons of white choc-chips (or not!)
2 tablespoons of peanut butter
Cup of milk or as needed

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2. Flying Purple People Eater

1 1/2 cup of blueberries
1 banana (frozen for extra chill)
1/2 cup of raspberry yoghurt
1/2 cup of orange juice
1 1/2 cup of milk
(For a sugar free but still delicous treat, leave out the orange juice and add in half an extra cup of milk)

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3. The Orange Wolfman

We first created this delicious fruity smoothie on a chilly wintery Sunday morning. It immediately reminded us of the Summer time, but we had to give it a monster name to fit in with this article, so “The Orange Wolfman” it is.

1 cup of frozen mango
1 cup of frozen peach
1 cup of frozen pineapple
1 cup of orange juice
1 cup of coconut (soy or almond) milk, or as needed

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4. Frankenstein

(originally called the Berry-Cado Smoothie). Vegan, makes 2 servings.

1 1/4 cups orange juice
1/2 avocado
3/4 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup frozen raspberries (or strawberries)
1 kiwi, peeled (we left this out for our little allergy sufferer)
1/2 – 1 banana, frozen pref’d
1/2 cup ice

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from Babble

5. The Green Meanie
(originally titled “Banana Berry Spinach Smoothie”)

2 cups of baby spinach leaves
1 banana
2 cups of pure or filtered water
1 cup of mixed frozen berries (blueberries, raspberries)
2 cups of mixed frozen fruits (mango, papaya, pineapple, strawberries)
4 tbsp of protein powder (optional – we like to use hemp protein powder)

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