Chandelier Crafts

Inspired by the Chandelier Tree video I posted, I started looking around the web for easy chandelier crafts for kids. My favourites are the beautiful paper chandeliers called Pajaki chandeliers, which means “spiders of straw” in Polish (above) but they do seem complicated and time consuming so I also found a couple of easier ones for littler kids.



The water bottle chandelier is the clever creation of Jordan from Oh Happy Day. Follow the link through to the full (and thorough) tutorial.



Make wax paper shapes and then hang them from a fabric wrapped lamp shade skeleton.



Ribbons tied to a hoop make a pretty chandelier – the tutorial can be found at Shannon Berrey.

So, back to the Polish paper chandeliers. While it might be a craft for older children, and might be quite time consuming I thought I would post links to some How-Tos and inspiration because I have suddenly found my Summer project.



Oh Happy Day (one of my favourite blogs of recent times and one I keep going back to for it’s endless source of good things) has a great DIY tutorial for a giant paper chandelier.




A Beautiful Mess (above) also published a DIY tutorial.



Tea in the Sea put together a paper chandelier without using a tutorial and using bits and pieces she found around the house. Her instructions and clear and simple and perhaps a good option when creating one with kids.

And now for some inspiration:



Emily Green is the original inspiration for me – she creates the most incredible paper chandeliers full of colour and pizazz.



I love these newspaper print flower additions with felt bobbles on this version from The Makerie.




And I just love this one from Aunt Peaches . It’s time to get Pajaki-ing.

More inspiration on Decor8.